It is time to see the best things about the new Typescript 4.0. Recently, Microsoft announced a new version that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of the language. Of course, all of us now know about the Typescript (that’s why you are here, right?). For the people who want…

List of methods:

  1. Pluck
  2. ApplySpec
  3. Cond
  4. PropEq
  5. Pipe
  6. FromPairs
  7. PathOr


Using all the time. Go throw the array and take the value which we put as the key

const getAges = R.pluck(‘age’);getAges([{name: ‘fred’, age: 29}, {name: ‘wilma’, age: 27}]); //=> [29, 27]


The gold key when we would like…

React is an incredibly versatile JavaScript framework that allows developers to create intuitive interfaces for web applications. A React developer earns $57 per hour on average plus they are widely sought after in the market. …

User Interface has become an essential part of modern development. Several technologies are used together to create attractive and high-performing user interfaces. Creating a simple user interface, with few screens is not a big deal, but as the application grows, the user interface becomes more and more complicated.

The Storybook…

В этой статье расскажу о том когда и как использовать React.memo и хук useCallback. После этой статьи поймете в каких случаях используют useCallback. Узнаете как работает между собой React.Memo и useCallback.

Кратко о React.memo и useCallback

React.Memo — компонент высшего порядка. Похож на React.PureComponent, но предназначен для функциональных компонентов.

Вторым аргументом React.Memo есть возможность передать…

In this article, I’ll talk about when and how to use React.memo and the useCallback hook. After this article, you will understand when to use useCallback. Learn how React.Memo and useCallback work together.

Briefly about React.memo and useCallback

React.Memo is a higher-order component. Similar to React.PureComponent, but intended for functional components.

The second argument of…

Multithreading is what made great computing speeds possible. Today, it is a compulsory feature in all operating systems and programming languages. While even the old languages like C++ added built-in thread support in the somewhat latest updates, JavaScript remained stubborn.

But multithreading was needed in browsers nonetheless, so the concept…

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