Most useful methods of ‘ramda.js’

List of methods:

  1. Pluck


Using all the time. Go throw the array and take the value which we put as the key

const getAges = R.pluck(‘age’);getAges([{name: ‘fred’, age: 29}, {name: ‘wilma’, age: 27}]); //=> [29, 27]


The gold key when we would like to format or translate our values of the object

const getTranslated = R.applySpec({  header: i18n.translate,  content: i18n.translate});getTranslated(article); //=> {header: ‘Translated header’, content: ‘Translated content’}


The devilish replacement for all the mad “switch” and all the awful if / else cases.

const fn = R.cond([  [R.equals(0), R.always(‘water freezes at 0°C’)],  [R.equals(100), R.always(‘water boils at 100°C’)],  [R.T, temp => ‘nothing special happens at ‘ + temp + ‘°C’]]);fn(0); //=> ‘water freezes at 0°C’fn(50); //=> ‘nothing special happens at 50°C’fn(100); //=> ‘water boils at 100°C’


Helps to sort and filter the list of data

const abby = {name: ‘Abby’, age: 7, hair: ‘blond’};const fred = {name: ‘Fred’, age: 12, hair: ‘brown’};const rusty = {name: ‘Rusty’, age: 10, hair: ‘brown’};const alois = {name: ‘Alois’, age: 15, disposition: ‘surly’};const kids = [abby, fred, rusty, alois];const hasBrownHair = R.propEq(‘hair’, ‘brown’);R.filter(hasBrownHair, kids); //=> [fred, rusty]


Helper for implementation graceful functions

const getFirstFiveBooks = R.pipe(   R.filter(propEq(‘type’, ‘book’),   R.path(‘bookInfo’),   R.take(5));


From array to object

R.fromPairs([[‘a’, 1], [‘b’, 2], [‘c’, 3]]); //=> {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3}


When you not sure about your path of the object

R.pathOr(‘N/A’, [‘a’, ‘b’], {a: {b: 2}}); //=> 2R.pathOr(‘N/A’, [‘a’, ‘b’], {c: {b: 2}}); //=> “N/A”



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